Tuesday, May 15, 2007

cut bait or fish?

the view in the other direction at Newcomb Hollow, where my spirit lives.

should i go on vacation this summer? (and be with people and do things and have fun?) of course i should.

but the harder question - should i go back to school? (and take a grad degree in English?) maybe; maybe not. (or perhaps computational cognitive linguistics?) again, maybe or maybe not. or should i just remain the academic bum i've been for ten years, and just read & write & study what i please?

Friday, May 4, 2007

Earthlink update

ok, i complained about them before, but now they seem to be making good on their original offer, crediting my bill to make good on the originally promised (and still currently advertised when i called to complain) price. just goes to show that putting in the time on the phone with customer service sometimes pays off.

erosion of a dream

i was at my favorite place in the whole world again two weeks ago. the usual winter erosion combined with a week of heavy storms have claimed another ten or twenty feet of beach from this spot on the outer Cape.

the high tide line has moved almost to the edge of the parking lot and is eroding the high dunes on either side. thankfully the beaches on the inner Cape are getting *more* sand, some of it migrating from the outer. Cape Cod -- always in motion.