Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Blue Monday no longer!

it's Wednesday (or Wodin's day), and Blue Monday (or Blue Moon day, even better!) feels far behind.  this picture is from Blue Monday morning, taken from our back deck.  we're moving back to civilization soon, or at least closer to it, and views like this won't be as close at hand.  Wodin, the Norse all-father, might not approve because our current locale somewhat resembles Valhalla (and our future neighborhood is a lot closer to Trader Joe's, which i doubt they have there, but i really like them).

speaking of Blue Moon, we'll be a lot closer to the site of Sandi's & my first date—Not Your Average Joe's, one of my favorite places to have a Blue Moon.  we'll probably be there in the spring, for our free birthday dinners (one of the perks of giving them your email), since our birthdays are close together.  and we'll be a lot closer to Concord, too.  good days ahead.