Tuesday, June 26, 2007

nice niche (& Nena noodling)

to catch up on old events: Earthlink totally dissed us, and we went with RCN's high speed internet for a much better deal (and actual service, instead of empty promises). (and NOT with Charter, who would only sell it to us with cable tv service -- and we don't even have a tv!) am also enjoying the writing again as i haven't in *years* -- thank you, Diesel Cafe.

"Maybe it was the city, being in the city, that made him feel how queer everything was and that it was something else."
[E.B. White, 'The Door']

spent a few hours sync-ing & combining the 1984 Nena song (in German) '99 Luftballons' with her English version '99 Red Balloons', so that the right channel is German and the left channel is English. contact me if you'd like a copy of my remix. ;-)

Saturday, June 16, 2007

fish -- definitely fish

the bait is cut, and it's time to fish.

when i close my eyes i can envision a world as i want it, get comfortable in that world, and then open my eyes and see that the actual world out there isn't so bad after all. nor are the people.

just relax, let out the breath you're holding in as you cast out your line, watch where it lands, and reel it back in as you inhale again. who cares if it's the best cast ever; just give it a shot.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

the city

ah, the city again. dancing at Dance Path; a Lila Downs concert at the MFA; and Diesel Cafe, of course. and high speed internet again -- BBC radio, i can't turn it off!

i'm writing again, too. yay!

and people -- i'm with people once more! a vacation from the monastery in Southborough, whether temporary or permanent, is *most* welcome. just can't get enough.

thanks for listening; cheerio for now.