Thursday, May 21, 2009

Americans Idle

boo on conservative viewers (or weak-minded, church-obeying sheep) who voted for Kris Allen (because he seemed more conventional), when Adam Lambert is clearly the superior vocalist.

oh well; what should we expect from a country who twice elected George W despite his complicity in war crimes (and just obvious general stupidity and lack of wit)? not much, i guess.

at least Lambert won't be saddled with that dreadful 'song' that Kara helped create (which the winner will have to put on his first album, due to contractual obligations).

maybe Lambert will perform some shows with the remaining Queen members and revive some of Freddie Mercury's sadly missed vocal showmanship & talent.

good luck and good wishes to Adam Lambert!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

hooray for Maine!

yay, Maine becomes the fifth state to legalize gay marriage -- and it's my birthday too! yay world!

hah hah, gay marriage nay-sayers. and hah hah, Miss California (with the breast augmentations paid for by the Miss California pageant people to help her compete in the Miss USA contest).

may traditional marriage go the way of the rule of thumb.