Thursday, March 26, 2009

no no == yes yes

I will not promise not to have double negatives.

Programming is fun!

Having a family is work, but also fun.


(And I got new tubes & tires for my bicycle; yay cycling!)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

hey, peoples . . .

so, are we all still in shock from the continuing economic meltdown? convinced now (finally) that there isn't any solidity to any financial stuff anymore? good, now time to get on with it -- the post-economic life, that is.

get ready, i say, for continuing government takeovers & ownerships of previously private endeavor. creeping communism, basically. it's not such a bad thing, considering what horrors big insurance & finance are. get ready (finally) for the end of the "American Dream", i'm afraid. (and with it, the end of the wealthy class.)

maybe we have some time before things really crumble -- possibly even ten or twenty years. or perhaps we have six months or a year unless we make some radical changes.

i guess it's time for humanity to grow up and stop being obsessed with acquiring material possessions. what's left? learning and self-improvement. read a book. learn to paint, or how to play the guitar. have fun! :-)