Sunday, June 8, 2008

'In Future Times'

[this is a poem my beloved wrote to me:]

In future times, my eyes will fail
My heart will falter, luster pale
And yet, with you in memory dear
In loving me through every year
Forever blush, forever see
In loving heart, forever be

Forever yours,

[and the verse in the posting below was my response. no one has ever written me poetry before, so i can't help showing it off.]

Friday, June 6, 2008

don't laugh at the last line ;-)

today, tomorrow, yesterday
my mind's a whirl of what to say
love you so bad; love you so good
can't imagine what could possibly
ever go wrong in this, our dream,
this love affair of life, of living,
of playing on the family team,
of giving and forgiving -- mais oui!

infinite love,

[and for an overly long-winded explication of the rhyme & meter anomalies, ask me.]