Tuesday, February 24, 2015

STAY AWAY from Bank of America ! ! !

Remember when banks used to be happy to house your money and pleased to do business with you?  Not so much anymore, especially with Bank of America.

My insurance company (United American) sent me a refund check yesterday, for some overcharge or other.  It was a Bank of America check, so i looked online and sure enough there’s a branch not half a mile from our apartment.

I walked there this afternoon to cash the check — figured i’d get some exercise and avoid the hassle of having to scan the check so i could submit it online to my Capital One 360 account (formerly ING); maybe i’d even think about switching my account from Santander, which is way on the other side of town.

But it turns out that the Bank of America branch won’t cash a Bank of America check ! ! !  (Not without a fee, at least, since i don’t have an account there.  Cambridge Savings bank was always happy to cash checks that my mother wrote me, even though i don’t have an account there — no fee.)

It’s a Bank of America check.  Why won’t Bank of America cash it?  Because they’re idiots, according to my wife.

It’s a $7 check, not likely to break the bank.  Why does Bank of America want to charge me a fee for doing what my insurance company HIRED them to do?  I guess it’s because Bank of America is greedy, greedy, greedy.  All they want is more money; they don’t give a damned about customers.

But now Bank of America will not (voluntarily, at least) get another PENNY of my business, and i will from now on go out of my way to publicize what a crappy bank they’ve become.

Never do business with Bank of America — my new motto.  (Heh, so much for me maybe opening an account there.)

I spit on Bank of America.  Ptooey!