Wednesday, July 16, 2008

too many cycles

Framingham FreeCycle:

Natick FreeCycle:

Marlborough, Hudson, Sudbury FreeCycle:,%20Hudson,%20Sudbury

and eighty others! (and that's just in response to a "Southborough, Massachusetts" query at

too many? for me, at least. more power to everyone else.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

FreeCycle for profit

yuck! i have a nice couch to get rid of (w/a queen size pull-out bed) and also a double bed. i went to FreeCycle to make a posting because i'd heard it was a good way to give away useful stuff, but it's so commercial!

it's Yahoo this and Yahoo that. fill out a zillion forms and wait for a moderator to review everything. (all while looking at a zillion ads.) i couldn't even get a good user name, other than this_stinks_2008 (which does have its own merits).

maybe i'll finish the bureaucratic/commercial stuff (and make a posting); maybe not.