Tuesday, July 12, 2011

harborside, Wellfleet, MA

my father died early this morning, my mother by his side.  she says he went easily in the end and without struggle; the pause between his breaths became longer and longer, and finally he just stopped.

we visited him last night, my brother and i, as he lay on a reclined bed with a transparent oxygen mask over his mouth, each breath a little closer to his last.  my mother's elder daughter was there too, making each of our paths a little easier and providing what comforts she could; it was she who called to tell me this morning.

from my stereo now comes the sounds of Sting's 'Soul Cages' album, which he wrote after the death of his own father.  i haven't listened to the whole album in years, perhaps anticipating this day.  borrowed emotional vehicles.  'Why Should I Cry For You' and i cry.

my father and i spent a lot of time together, episodically, over the last twenty years (after i was reborn after my darkest time), and he helped me to a second try at life.  he drove (and flew) many times, many hours to see me and spend time together; and we visited many places we wished to see.  the winter coast of North Carolina.  outer Cape Cod at all seasons.  driving from Phoenix to San Diego.  a train ride from Flagstaff to Boston.  a trip to Britain with his sons.  more places, more times than i can count.

bye, Dad.  safe journeys.

the album starts over again.

Great Island in Wellfleet, MA 2

Great Island in Wellfleet, MA 1

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Casey Anthony trial — let it go!

Apparently there wasn't any real evidence against Casey Anthony of foul play in the death of her daughter Caylee.  Perhaps the daughter drowned.  Perhaps Casey freaked out.  Perhaps the extended family was so dysfunctional that she (or they) decided to cover up the death instead of just calling 911; but there was no evidence one way or the other.
---Me, i was a lifeguard for some years and have seen my share of drowning deaths (though fortunately none while i was on duty).  People die; it's part of life.  We have to move on.
---IMHO, court cases should be private and not made media circuses; it's not reality television.  Get over it, people — there was insufficient evidence for a conviction.  That's the difference between "the truth" and the legal truth.  Move along.