Sunday, December 28, 2008

feeling like a kid again

really smiled when i ran across a scan of this picture (Wellfleet harbor, 1972) the other day. it reminded me how much i've been feeling like a kid again lately, what with my new life in Acton with my new family.

because wasn't that what being a kid was all about? experiencing new stuff? (and having awe and wonder and general joy?) i'm still loving it.

happy new year, everyone!

Friday, December 12, 2008

back in the cage, but with a friend

meet Angel (on the left): she's joined our family and keeps Coral (on the right) company -- together they twitter and cheep most enthusiastically at times.

Angel is the loud one and she cries out at regular intervals, sometimes squawking in random annoyance and other times chattering to whomever will listen. Coral remains more stolid and reserved; but when anyone violates her territory, she emits a stream of unmistakeable 'back-off' chitters -- watch out!