Thursday, January 20, 2011

drinking coffee

camped out at Acton Starbuck's; am so much happier here than at Sweet Bites (and even somewhat happier than at Savoury Lane).  like Sweet Bites, you get free coffee refills (w/a registered card); but unlike, the service is friendly, the music lively, and the atmosphere sunny; and most of all, you don't get glared at (or cursed out) for merely drinking coffee.  the deal at Savoury Lane is pretty nice too, but you do have to pay a bit more for the coffee (i.e., no free refills); the bonus is that it's fifty-yard-walk away instead of an icy mile down Rt 111 on my bicycle.

but today it's sunny & bright out, so i made the trip.  tomorrow it's forecast to snow again, so i'll go local.

here's to coffee drinking, both corporate and local!  :-D

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

part of my cultural DNA :-)

just watched the 'Ally McBeal' pilot — wow, that brings me back a million years!  (well, maybe fourteen.)  for the time, it was a hell of a show; even now, it's a lot better than most of what's new on TV.  who cares if i'm just a sucker for Calista Flockhart (and the rest); it's part of my cultural DNA now.

so be it.  on to the next episode.


Monday, January 17, 2011


feeling a little shell-shocked.  watched 'Field of Dreams' just now.  haven't seen it in more than twenty years.  probably didn't think much of it then; guess i was more concerned with the woman i went to see it with.  these days my perspective on hearing "the voice" makes the movie seem very sad.  i wish it didn't hurt so much sometimes, life.  feels like i'll be in mourning forever.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

mmm . . . massage for a new year

have taken refuge in Savoury Lane (since Sweet Bites is now verboten for me), and the atmosphere here is SO much more peaceful and calm.  the only thing i have to remember is to bring a chair-pad next time.  (and the music is so much better here, too.)

and being at Savoury Lane gets me in the mood to give a good massage to someone.

feels great to be putting out joyful energy into the universe again!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

new year

wondering what to resolve for the new year . . .

to be more mindful of choosing to do things which help people and also help the planet.

to spend less time worrying about life and more time living.

to find love again.  (you know what i mean.  :-)


what are you thinking about for the new year?