Thursday, July 20, 2017

Catching Up

I can hardly believe my last blog entry was in January; guess i was in too much of a Trump-rant coma to have much to post (except on FaceBook).

Happy Summer! to all of you out there; i hope you're storing up the memories of the heat wave to comfort you this winter.

Found a good Indonesian source (so you might want to enable translation) for some free ebooks (in English):
First hover your cursor over Download on the menu bar near the top and choose Ebooks 1 for a nice selection:
I found when looking for a PDF of LOGIC IN COMPUTER SCIENCE Modelling and Reasoning about Systems (2004) by Michael Huth & Mark Ryan.
(Or here's a link directly to the Ebooks 1 list: )

Have been working on my usual AI and C++ projects; acquired some great Scottish voices for use on UNIX — Heather and Stuart — from a (logically) Scottish company called CereProc.

Plus i've been working with a large data set (~30 Gb) of Douglas Adams reading nearly all of his books out loud (since he has a great reading voice, and it's great to hear Hitchhiker's & Dirk Gently & the rest in his own voice), and i'm working up versions of his books "corrected" to the way he read them — sort of his final edit, imho.

Enjoy whatever it is that you do!

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